Sales & Service


Service quality, as important as product quality, is one of the most critical influences on customer satisfaction. Anrui attaches great importance to pre-sale service, sales service and after service.


一 Pre-sale service

Listen carefully to the customer’s requires. Support the customer with professional advices. Develop new product with the customer when the customer have special requires. 


二 Sales service

Arrange transportation for the customer. If it is necessary, Anrui can send commissioner to help the customer with receiving inspection when it is necessary.   


三 After service

Anrui promises arrive at the scene in twenty-four hours. Listen to the customer’s feedback in the first time. Anrui has technical staff to offer the customer professional consulting services in all the time. 

The complete marketing network of Anrui is the assurance of Anrui’s market management and after service system. Anrui is getting closed to our customer.  

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