Deep Groove Ball Bearing
Product Details:

Deep groove ball bearing is the most common used bearing type. It’s one of the featured products of Anrui. Anrui products a large range of deep groove ball bearing. They can be used in a wide variety of applications: motor bearing, mechanical engineering bearing, household appliance bearing, textile machinery bearing, etc.

Anrui has an own research and develop centre. For the customer who have special request, Anrui can design a unique bearing for him. Complete manufacturing system and development system make Anrui can handle the matter that others will not be able to do.

Anrui has three series of deep groove ball bearing:
Anrui WWI series deep groove ball bearing with high quality and low price.
Anrui CS series deep groove ball bearing with high precision, low noise, high temperature resistance(can work in 180℃), low temperature resistance , long service life(200% increase than other bearings)
Anrui KEKAO series deep groove ball bearing, the custom-made bearing.
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