Cylindrical Roller Bearing
Product Details:

Cylindrical roller bearing outer and inner ring are separable. The rollers are in liner contact with the raceways. The construction of this roller bearing type is the simplest of all radial roller bearings. Cylindrical roller bearing has a large radial load capacity and often used in high-speed applications.

Anrui cylindrical roller bearing has been optimized the internal structure of the bearing. It has higher radial load capacity than the previous designs. it can sustain a large amount of axial load. The new design make the contact region between the rollers and the rib have suitable operation temperature and lubricated environment.

Cylindrical roller bearing is classified as NU types, NJ types, NUP types, N types, NF types(for single-row bearings), NNU types, and NN types(for double-row bearings depending on the design or absence of side ribs). Anrui produce most of the type of cylindrical roller bearings, especial for single row cylindrical roller bearing with cage and high precision cylindrical roller bearing for the machine tool spindle.
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