Motors/electric power tool

Electric power tools have a strict requirement for low vibration noise, small friction torque and good sealing performance of bearings. Low noise bearing is also the common requirement of a variety of motors, especially the household electric motors, standard motors and small motors, which ask for a stricter requirement for the noise of bearing. 

Nowadays, with the development of motors and electric power tool, customers have a higher and higher requirement of accuracy, performance, and life, species diversity of bearings. It means that they are not satisfied with the general requirement and asking for high accuracy, low noise, and long life of bearings.

 Therefore, Our Company develop the CS series bearings with low noise and long life.

For the world can enjoy  the harmony and peace while moving, we have made a series of much more strict requirement from the selection of raw material, the improvement of heat treatment process, the internal structure design of bearing to the research of grease.

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