Angular Contact Bearings
Product Details:
Anrui angular contact ball bearing has been designed to meet different working environment and different installations. They are produced in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Anrui has single row angular contact ball bearing, double row angular contact ball bearing and four-point contact ball bearing, offered in 15, 25, 30, 45 degree angles. They can be used in pairs, triplex sets, quadruplex sets or multiplex sets.

The same as Anrui deep groove ball bearing, Anrui contact ball bearing also has three series
 Anrui WWI series contact ball bearing with high quality and low price.
 Anrui CS series contact ball bearing with high precision, low noise, high temperature resistance(can work in 180℃), low temperature resistance , long service life(200% increase than other bearings)
 Anrui KEKAO series contact ball bearing, the custom-made bearing.
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